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accumulation, of generating wealth and distributing revenues," said the Argentine president. The "mega-deposit" which contains 4.5 trillion cubic feet of proven shale gas reserves


won independence. In 1819, Colombia finally proclaimed its independence from Spanish rule. BOGOTA, June 8 (Xinhua) -- The Colombian government Wednesday condemned the murder of a.


n, online resources for victims and bullies who want assistance to change, education for parents to recognize the signs of bullying and a fundraising event. A mobile phone text me.


United Nations Environment Program, a cruise ship carrying 3,000 passengers produces 400 to 1,200 cubic meters of wastes per day, apart from 70 liters of toxic wastes including c.


ch to show solidarity," he said, "that it is possible to help without interfering with other nations' internal affairs." "IBSA faced the criticism of those who prefer inertia to ac.

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research institutes and called for creation of a joint commission on collaboration. Lukashenko met Cuban leader Raul Castro on Monday and both agreed to further bilateral relatio.

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up the process. Osvaldo Rosales, director for International Trade and Integration with the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), made the remarks in .

t on Thursday the possibility of a coup in his country and condemned the opposition's support for street protests against his government. During a national TV-radio address, Chavez.

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