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nce before World War II, Gallup said. Historically, Americans were most likely to believe the nation was spending "too much" on the military in 1969 -- 52 percent -- and in the ear


ocus mainly on the federal government. Analysts believe these attitudes have significant political implications, especially as the 2012 general elections are pending. Music band p.


holding the phone wrong...they're going to change the display but that does not solve the problem that you still can't touch the black band in the lower left hand corner," Parker.


inera to run for second elections in 2014. "There is not juridical contradiction to reelect Morales and Garcia, but the possibility will be defined by the people, when the moment a.


e high-level representatives attended the opening ceremony of the summit in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. The participants were then expected to hold plenary sessions at a mi.

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oth countries before taking effect. ? U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at a meeting with state governors in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washi.

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American people." Kagan is expected to be questioned on a wide range of hot- button issues, including gun rights, same-sex marriage and the procedure opponents call partial-birth .

eople felt desolation and disappointed and shocked that it could happen. To lose a president that people have so much hope. He was so young and had so much energy. It was devasta.

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