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ital for Netanyahu to achieve the moratorium which had never been done before, and it has been in effect for the time that it was set for, so both sides need to get through the mo

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ce is disappointing, then the future path of interest rates likely would be more accommodative than currently anticipated, she argued. "We need to be careful to make sure that the

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of a very generous contribution to Cuba's development, first by the Soviet Union and later by the Russian Federation," Rodriguez said. On his part, Lavrov said that ties between Rus

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, which were stalled in December 2008 when Israel launched a massive military campaign against the Islamic Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip. "The fact is most Israelis and Palesti

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tion to waive the authority based on national security and hold a suspect in civilian custody. The White House has threatened to veto the defense authorization bill over requireme

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rcent. Former Environment Minister Marina Silva of the Green Party has 10 percent of vote intentions. Five percent of respondents said they will vote blank or will avoid the vote,

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and Paraguay were established in 1902. It were suspended in 1960 and restored in 1999. HAVANA, June 24 (Xinhua) -- The cooperation between Cuba and the United States in the fight a