prepared for the voting beginning at 6 a.m.. Lots of voters got up very early to cast their ballots, election judge on the site Amy Li told Xinhua, "however, a lot of voters are .

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States and China, a leading Argentine political analyst has said. The international distribution of wealth and power, each with its own dynamic, inevitably calls for the cooperat.

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negative impacts on unit cohesion in the event of repeal is a concern, actual experience indicates such disruption would be minimal. "If the law is repealed, implementation will r.

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e due to the high profile nature of the crime. "Big's finally over," said Scott Larimer, father of murdered 27-year-old Navy cryptologist John Larimer, who has travell.

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harges have been filed against him. Argentine President Cristina Fernandez has declared a two-day national mourning, starting Thursday, for victims of the country's worst railway a.

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were evacuated and people ran into the streets and were so scared that they refused to go back into the buildings hours after the shock. Forty-six percent of Americans said they .

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ory, according to a report issued by the Pew Hispanic Center on Thursday. The report showed that more than 6.1 million Latino children were living in poverty in 2010, while 5 mill.

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their own country, a NATO commander said on Thursday. In terms of strength, the Afghan police force numbers have risen from 95,000 to nearly 120,000 in less than 12 months, Maj. Ge.

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n Tucson, Arizona at about 10:00 a.m., killing at least six people and wounding 12 others, including Giffords. In the messages posted on MySpace and YouTube web pages, Loughner ta.

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