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ng, hours after he was apprehended as he was trying to board a flight to Dubai. Shahzad, who had been under intense manhunt, almost slipped out of the United States on a Emirates

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ibe, and afterward BACRIM emerged, local political analyst Fernando Giraldo told Xinhua. Earlier this month, the Colombian government launched "Operacion Troya" against the crimin

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eking reelection in 2012, the project has become an issue of how to balance environmental protection against economic and energy supply concerns. "Taken together with the national

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said in a statement that it had started to pay compensation funds to affected farmers under an insurance policy that covered 719,000 hectares of cropland grown with corn, sorghum

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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didate wins outright in the first round of the presidential elections, a runoff will be held on Oct. 31 between the top two contenders. Brazilians will elect 622 new officials on S

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victim of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, joined the gathering with his husband's photo in her hand. "I feel so relieved. After 10 years, finally the justice came," she told Xinhua.

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me area where 72 migrants were massacred last August. Experts in Matamoros are now working to identify the corpses, which were transported there under police escort. MEXICO CITY, F

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adding "his minister of defense huffs and puffs again and again about how close they are to capturing the guerrilla commanders." The rebels, however, are willing "to contribute to

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e bilateral relationship", State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said at a news briefing. Israeli government Tuesday decided to build 1,600 new housing units in Jewish settlem

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mpatible with those of developed countries and increase public and private capacity to invest. Reforms are essential to discipline the fiscal chaos, to eliminate red tape and to

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which led to the shut-down of a NATO supply line into Afghanistan. Obama's planned Asian tour next month will take him to India, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea and Japan. Relate

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