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lobby serve as a blast shield." The building is made of two-foot thick reinforced concrete walls protecting the building's core for the full height of the tower, including the lo


problem, sid the doctor. Santos is being accompanied by his wife and two of his three sons, as well as some of his closest aides. Last Monday, Santos announced he was going to unde.


veral times each year to evaluation their work. Those found disqualified would be warned, fined or even closed. To those who are reluctant to move into care homes, a range of serv.


ent with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a bid to get loans and unlock aid from other credit organizations. If an agreement is achieved with the IMF, Honduras will receiv.


ga said what in need was immediate actions of humanitarian aid for the Haitian people and government. Bolivia is preparing to donate blood and food to Haiti while Cuban leader Rau.

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uia, has long been home to many of the country's drug activities and drug gangs. MEXICO CITY, Oct. 3 (Xinhua) -- A grenade explosion injured 14 people, including six children, wh.

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one police officer were killed in the attack. Five others -- four Colombian soldiers and a police officer -- as well as the journalist, remained missing. Langlois was accompanying.

ny Republicans have raised concern about this timetable, saying it might undermine the tenuous progress the U.S. has made there. "Any drawdown of U.S. troops must be based on the .

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